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HEURO is managed by a team of Executive Officers, who are elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting or co-opted during the year.
A number of the committee represent HEURO on a number of important stakeholder groups.
A complete list of HEURO representations is available in the members’ area of the website.

Ann Pillans
Ann PillansUniversity of Northampton
Executive Committee Member
Annette Kratz
Annette KratzUniversity of Surrey
Executive Committee Member
Benedikt Breuers
Benedikt BreuersSt Mary's University
Executive Committee Member
Chrissy Hadjipanteli
Chrissy HadjipanteliUniversity of Portsmouth
Executive Committee Member
Clementine Jones
Clementine JonesUniversity of East Anglia
Executive Committee Member
Gabriele Vosseberg
Gabriele VossebergUniversity of Exeter
Executive Committee Member
Jane Wallis
Jane WallisUniversity of Westminster
Executive Committee Member
Jayne Kerwin
Jayne KerwinLiverpool John Moores University
Executive Committee Member
Joan-Anton Carbonell
Joan-Anton CarbonellKingston University
Michael Rosier
Michael RosierUniversity of Hertfordshire
Rowena Walters
Rowena Walters Cardiff Metropolitan University
Executive Committee Member
Ruth Law
Ruth LawUniversity of Southampton

The Executive Committee meets at regular intervals and maintains contact with its members through the use of the HEURO jiscmail list and at the Annual General Meeting.

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