Membership entitles any member of staff from a member institution / organisation to attend networking and training events as well as the Annual Conference at reduced rates. Membership guarantees access to other facilities, including HEURO email where members can raise queries with collegues, pass on best practice information and participate in discussions related to European issues within Higher Education.

As HEURO relies on the voluntary efforts of its Executive Committee, its level of success requires the active involvement of its membership. Central contacts in each member institution are asked to be as pro-active as possible in making staff aware of the activities organised and / or promoted by HEURO and to disseminate information.


Membership is institutional, with the main type of member being a University, College or Institute of Higher Education. HEURO also welcomes non-HEIs as members, such as representative organisations and national agencies for EU programmes. Each member institution / organisation has a central contact whose work includes involvement in European programmes and cooperation at a European level. However, all member staff – administrative and academic – who might gain from involvement in HEURO are encouraged to interact with the Association.


Member institutions are asked to nominate a central contact with whom the executive Committee can liase. Currently, the cost of membership stands at £120 per institution per annum. The average charges for conferences, networking and training events vary. However, charges are always based on real cost and rates are substantially lower for HEURO members than those for non-members.

Please contact us for any queries regarding membership.

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